Teen cries tears of joy upon realizing he’s still alive after heart transplant

No one ever thinks that they’ll have to watch their child suffer through breathing, but that just wasn’t the case for 15 year old Trevor Sullivan.

He along with his family eventually learned that he had severe cardiomyopathy, a disease which can cause the heart muscle to become very thick, rigid or even replaced by scar tissue.

As you can see, it’s very serious and caused Trevor to go into heart failure back in February 2015. Soon after that, he and his family learned that he was going to need a new heart!


No donors would become available for more than 8 months, but the wait was well worth it! The day Trevor went in for surgery, he asked his mother Kimberly to capture the first moments of his anesthesia wearing off and the video went viral!

I’ll tell you that it was such a delight to see this young man’s renewed outlook on life! The first thing he uttered was, “I’m so happy!” He then started listing other things that he could do now such as breathe and talk.

When Trevor’s father asked, “Do you feel good?” he gave the response any parent would be more than relieved to hear: “I feel amazing.”

Check out his reaction below:

All the Sullivan’s knew about thedonor was that they were young with great muscle tissue and a “strong heart.” To that donor, Phillip Sullivan just wants to say, “Thanks for saving my kid.”

Miracles still happen!

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