Man Nearly Goes Crazy After Bumping into Stranger Who Looks Exactly Like Him

You will surely not believe this! A man has met someone who looked exactly like him, does the same thing for a living as him and wears the same glasses as him. How it was possible, no one knows.

Rob Winston and Kobi

A man nearly went crazy after bumping into a stranger who looked exactly like him, does the same thing for a living as him and wears the same glasses as him. Wow!

Tom Moffatt shared a photo of his mate Rob Winston stood next to a man who could have been his mirror image.

He posted the double-take snap on Imgur with the caption: “My friend Rob (on the left), who is a stand-up comedian, met his doppelgänger last night.

He was performing at a gig in London.

“I couldn’t believe it when I saw the likeness. Same amount of stubble. Same hair style. Same glasses. They are, as far as we know, unrelated.”

Rob’s brother from another mother is Kobi and, weirder still, they both tell jokes for a living.

Speaking about the uncanny event, Rob said: “An audience member approached me and mentioned that she went up to a guy that looked exactly like me.

“She was complimenting him on my material. When I saw him I was like damn.

“This is crazy. We look so similar. What are the odds?”

He told Metro: “He just moved here from Israeli and is prepping for his first English-language gig.” The pair had a little chat and snapped a pic before Kobi had to dash off to catch his train.

“We got that selfie though,” Rob added. “I would have chased him down the street if he had left without one.” And it seems like this could be the start of a beautiful friendship. The twin strangers have already cemented their bond by adding each other on Facebook and swapping invites for their next stand-up gigs.



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