Cross-eyed cat is an online star

A cat named Bum with eyes that give him the perpetual look of worry is sweeping the Internet.

His owner Courtney Morman, 24, made an Instagram account to showcase Bum, a rescue, and raise awareness for rescue cats like him.


Courtney made the account, ‘ Worried_Cat_AKA_Bum ‘ a week ago but it quickly gained more than 500 followers.

After the almost two-year-old Bum was featured on the cat-lovers blog Love Meow, images of his pensive expression began flying around the Internet.


While Bum’s eyes might look funny, there’s actually nothing wrong with them. ‘His eyes and lids are also shaped a little funny, but other than that, he’s totally fine. ‘He’s been seen by a vet and nothing is wrong with him,’ Courtney said.

Courtney said the cat has ‘sharp vision’ and that he’s an expert bug-catcher and can chase down toys.

Bum and his littermates came to the San Diego Humane Society ‘s Kitten Nursery, where Courtney works, which is the only program that provides 24-hour care underage kittens, when he was 5 months old.

Courtney fell in love with Bum and decided to adopt him.



Written by NaijaRoko

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