Blac Chyna: someone planted ecstasy pills in my luggage

Former stripper Blac Chyna was arrested for public intoxication and possession of 2 ecstasy pills at an airport in Austin, Texas on Friday.

Blac was removed from the London bound flight during a layover in Austin after she caused a disturbance on the plane.


Chyna, whose real name is Angela Renee White, 27

Police searched Blac’s bags and discovered 2 ecstasy pills among her belongings. But Blac denies the

According to TMZ, the star is maintaining that while assistants typically pack her luggage, someone else did it this time instead of her usual staffers. Apparently Blac believes that the person who took care of her bags may have slipped the drugs in there. Tyga’s baby mama and Rob Kardashian’s new girlfriend is also reportedly going as far as claiming that she wouldn’t know how to score MDMA pills, since the drug is supposedly more commonly taken these days in a powder formation. All that said, Blac does acknowledge she was drunk during the incident.



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