Married couple who set-up fake Facebook profiles to find new love ended up unknowingly flirting with each other for months

Like most miserable married couples, this couple decided to cheat instead of leaving their unhappy situation.

This is literally out of a movie.

According to HuffPost, an unhappily married couple recently took to Facebook using fake profiles to find new love.

However, fate played the couple a cruel hand, by hooking them up without either one realizing they were actually chatting up with their spouse the whole time.

After several months of getting to “know” each other, the couple decided to meet up.

Unfortunately, instead of a fairy tale ending, a nasty argument broke out when husband and his equally horrified wife realized they had been caught red-handed.

Police had to be called in to separate the duo once the situation got out of hand.

However, since they could not find any sections under which they could book the couple (LOL), the cops instead decided to send them for a counselling session at the Family Counselling Centre.

A chuckling cop, perhaps, summed up the situation best by saying, “such things happen when your luck is bad.”



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