I sometimes wonder… why I came to rule ‘when they had spent all the money’ – Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari on Friday, revealed that he sometimes wonders why he chose to contest for the presidency, at this point in time when- the treasury had been looted dry, the economy is in shambles and the price of crude oil continues to nosedive.

Speaking on Friday, while addressing members of the Nigerian community in the United Kingdom, the President said even though he fought for his present position, he often ruminates on the timing.

The President however, said he continues to pray that God shows mercy on Nigeria as she faces tons of challenges from various quarters.

He said, “With the problems we have in this government, I sometimes wonder. At least, this time around, I asked for it, I prayed for it, I went round the country and I asked for it. But the first time under the military, I allowed the military to take decision.

“But I say why me? Why is it that it is when they have spent all the money, when they made the country insecure that I returned?

“Why didn’t I come when the treasury was full? Oil price was over $140 per barrel and when I came, it slipped down to $30. Why me?

“I keep on praying to God to pity Nigeria and its over 170 million people who are exposed to climate change, illiteracy and poverty.”




Written by NaijaRoko

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