Fun Things To Do While Stuck In Traffic

How’s the day going? Mine is going well and I hope yours is too.

I once heard someone say that Lagos is synonymous to traffic, like you do not use Lagos and traffic in the same sentence! Lol.


But really you would agree with me that traffic in Lagos can be something else.

Other big cities have their own share of traffic too, and now that queues are extending past the filling stations and into the road, it has become worse and if you are not careful traffic can just mar your mood and that’s not a very good one especially in the mornings. Here is a list of things you can engage in when you are stuck in traffic…

1. Sleep : For most people, the sleep hours during the weekdays are just never enough. You can get some really good sleep in traffic especially if you are not the one doing the driving.

2. Eat : Whether it is home made food or snacks that are always available for sale by the road side, you can utilize the time spent in traffic for eating as most commuters do not eat before leaving the house.

3. Read : Readers they say are leaders right? But most people do not have the luxury of time to seat and read whether its self-development books, newspaper, blogs, novels or even your children test and examination scripts. You can use the time spent in traffic to read.

4. Pray and prepare for the day: A lot of people rush out of the house, myself inclusive and they do not have time to communicate with their creator or mentally prepare for the day. Time spent in traffic can be used to pray, meditate, basically clear your head and prepare for the day ahead. At evening too, you can think of how your day went and keep track.

5. Listen to radio shows : There are loads of lovely radio shows that talk about real life issues, people’s experience and other things that can be enlightening, educative and fun. You can tune in and follow some of these programs while in traffic.

6. Call/Text/Chat: Life sometimes get so busy that we forget to catch up on friends, family, old class mates and associates. Calling to check up on people is very healthy for both parties, unfortunately sometimes you forget or you are just so busy. Time spent in traffic is a very good time to call, text, chat, return calls and reply messages and also catch up on the happenings around you via social media.

7. Movie time! For movie lovers and those that have particular love for series, you don’t have to miss out on all the wonderful episodes. You can spend time in traffic watching your movie/series.

8. Tidy up: If you belong to the group of women that use the car as a second room, then this is for you. You can utilize the time in traffic to tidy up your car or even your handbag. I know a lot of women that do their make-up in the car whilst in traffic, so you can equally save the time you spend on your make-up and hair at home especially if you are sure there will be traffic.

9. Smile, meet people : For those that use public buses, you can meet friends, business associate on the bus, so smile, be nice, meet people, build networks and do not be allow the traffic situation to make you uptight or angry.

10. Listen to music: This seems to be the commonest. There are a lot of people that sell latest music CDs in traffic, so you can patronize them, keep up and update your music library. Besides, listening to good music has a way of relaxing the human body, so why not treat yourself to good music while in traffic. If you are the one driving, then these activities may not be for you so that you do not get carried away as that can be dangerous to you and other commuters.



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