A new online survey claims women have little weakness for bearded men.

According to the online survey conducted by a dating site Gleeden, women prefer bearded men.

The survey was conducted at the beginning of August 2017 with 6012 users of the Gleeden site.

Firstly, hair seems to be a major attraction since 41% of the women surveyed consider that a beautiful, well-trimmed beard gives a sexy side to the man’s face. While for 29% of the respondents, the beard “gives charms and maturity” to the man’s look.

Also, 53% of respondents “prefer a bearded man to a shaved man”. And 76% of the women interviewed by Gleeden admitted to have dreamt of dating a bearded man.

Finally, a shocking 61% admitted to have cheated on their spouse with a bearded man. So gentlemen, increase your vigilance, the number 1 enemy in your relationship might just be one of those beaded men.

Source: Gleeden press release

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