Paris will ban all diesel and gasoline vehicles in the city from 2030

Anne Hidalgo, mayor of Paris, has announced that from the year 2030 they will be prohibit the use of gasoline vehicles throughout the city.

This measure joins the restriction of use of diesel vehicles in the French capital, which goes into effect from the year 2024.

In summary, what the French authorities are proposing is the prohibition of cars, trucks and other vehicles with combustion engines in the city, with the clear intention of reducing emission levels in the capital.

Hidalgo had announced the ban on diesel cars during the World Summit of Mayors of the C40 in Mexico City.

According to Parisian officials:

“The means of transportation are the largest producers of greenhouse gases , and for this reason we plan to get rid of all the vehicles with combustion engine in the city, without exceptions, by the year 2030.”

A few months ago, the government of President Emmanuel Macron announced that France will ban the sale of combustion cars from 2040 ( a measure that Britain will also take), but Hidalgo’s intention is for Paris to dispose of them first.


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