A new study suggests that beer mitigates pain better than many painkillers

Like you need some more reasons to have a beer. A new study suggests that a few tantrums soothe the pain better than some of the painkillers you may find in the pharmacy.

The study was conducted by Dr. Trevor Thompson of the University of Greenwich and has just been published in The Journal of Pain . Their conclusions are that, an amount of alcohol in blood superior to 0.8% (3–4 standard drinks) increases significantly the tolerance to the pain in the organism. He came to that conclusion after analyzing 18 studies that studied precisely the effect of different doses of alcohol on the response to pain in humans.

Based on these studies, Thompson concludes that alcohol is a very effective analgesic that provides a clinically relevant reduction in pain intensity. It is a fact that probably does not surprise those who have fallen while being drunk. The surprising thing is that the study indicates that the ability of alcohol to suppress pain is superior to that of analgesics as popular as paracetamol or acetaminophen.

Of course, this does not mean that you should use beer every time your head hurts. It simply sheds light on a positive effect of alcohol that has often gone unnoticed. For practical purposes, however, if you drink too much, the only thing you’ll be doing is postponing pain until the next morning and adding a lot of very undesirable side effects.


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