Bella Hadid had a nipple slip in the Victoria’s Secret fashion show that we may never see

The supermodel wore a spectacular set of lingerie that did not last as it should.

With the absence of her sister Gigi, Bella Hadid became one of the great attractions of the Victoria’s Secret show in Shanghai on Monday .

The 21-year-old supermodel has besieged the catwalks around the world in recent months and the Victoria’s Secret show seemed like a perfect close for an unforgettable year for her. Except for a small detail.

Hadid had a minor mishap on her last walk on the runway in Shanghai.

According to E! News, the model was enjoying her moment and allowed herself the luxury of entertaining the audience more than her wardrobe expected. Hadid wore a tight two-piece silver when she decided to raise her arms to play with her hair smiling at the spectators . The problem is that her bra was not prepared for the improvisation of the model and ended up yielding enough for Hadid to see a nipple.

The moment will probably be in the memory of those who witnessed the show live, because CBS is responsible for broadcast of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show every year and that kind of setbacks do not pass the final editing for its open broadcast.