Samsung creates battery with more capacity and charging in 12 minutes

South Korean Samsung creates innovative battery that charges five times faster and lasts 45% longer.

The new battery is made of graphene, a material derived from carbon and has a much higher capacity than conventional batteries.

This new technology comes on the heels of a battery research in the context of overheating cases of Galaxy Note 7 smartphones.

The current average charge time is one hour, but the new batteries will only take 12 minutes to charge.

They will maintain stability up to 60 degrees Celsius and can be used on electric cars. “It’s a great technology with several potential applications, but it will take a long time for graphene-based batteries to be mass-produced,” said analyst Kim Young-woo of SK Securities .

The Financial Times reported that the battery uses graphene balls. The resistance, electricity conduction properties and elasticity of graphene make it an ideal material to replace the current lithium-ion technology, allowing even smaller batteries to be produced.


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