The moment when a television host almost died live trying to mix Coca-Cola with liquid nitrogen

Science can be many things, among them, a wonderful educational game with which we learn about what surrounds us. However, like everything else in life, you need to learn. In this live program of Australian television they forgot someone to guide them.

The idea seemed very simple. We see two presenters and a guy who seems to be “the scientist”. The man starts by mixing a bottle of Coca-Cola with liquid nitrogen. In a matter of seconds the bottle turns into a projectile and shoots out into the air.

Interestingly, the “scientist” has no gloves, much less a helmet for it. Then he asks one of the presenters to repeat the action. Then comes the moment that was about to become a tragedy. The hostess, also without gloves or helmet, ends up placing the bottle face down in the direction of her head. The bottle shoots out and skims, even breaking the branch of a tree.

In reddit suggest that, assuming that the video was at 25 fps and the recording was made about 3 meters from the scene, the bottle probably went to about 340 km / h. In other words, what happened in this program is a clear example of how human stupidity knows no limits.


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