What you have to do is very simple and sure enough it will be useful to you.

Snoring can ruin a good night’s sleep, not only for those who snore, but also for those who are trying to sleep.

It is a pathology that can lead many couples to sleep in separate rooms and the causes for this problem are vast. From respiratory problems to lifestyle or diseases like sleep apnea.

But NASA has found a solution to this problem and nothing is complicated. According to the scientists of the space agency, the end of the habit of snoring depends on a pineapple plant, Daily Mail reported.

It seems that pineapple plants produce a lot of oxygen and if you put them in the room, the quality of fresh air increases and the probability of snoring is much lower, which will improve the quality of sleep and life of those involved.

This pineapple plant can be planted any time of the year, but the fruit produced should not be eaten.