13-year-old boy sets his family’s house on fire while trying to kill a bug

Can anyone blame him?

Falling asleep and becoming a meal for a pest is not something that most people think of before closing their eyes. Bedbugs are nocturnal animals that inhabit beds, and feed on the blood of their involuntary hosts. These insects are horrible plagues that must be finished

Sure, a proven way to get rid of theses pests is to raise the heat to lethal levels and cook them, but it is better to call a professional before trying to burn those bugs, because you could end up with problems much bigger than some bites.

According to the WCPO channel, a 13-year-old teenager in Ohio caused $ 300,000 worth of damage in an apartment building where he lives with his family, after trying to kill a bug by setting it on fire.

According to the local fire department, who responded to the fire, the boy had soaked the bug in alcohol and lit it with a match, probably hoping the flame would return it to hell where it came from.

Unfortunately, the boy’s noble attempt to save his family from the blood-sucking pest did not work very well. The match burned his bed, and the fire spread rapidly throughout the building.

One apartment was completely decimated and at least four more were damaged by smoke and water, forcing three adults and five children to leave their homes. According to the WCPO, no injuries were reported and the Red Cross intervened to help the families who were displaced.

“This was accidental, the boy was not just there playing with matches,” fire chief Marc Monahan told Cincinnati.com. “It was not the smartest thing, obviously, but he was trying to get rid of a bug.”

Leaving aside good intentions, the teenager would have had better results trapping the bug in a jar and keeping it for later, in case he needed it for a sweet revenge.


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