2019 election results will be transmitted electronically from polling units – INEC

A senior staff at the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has revealed plans by the commission to introduce a new technology that will enable the polling booths to transmit election results electronically directly to its states’ headquarter.

The Ebonyi resident electoral commissioner Godswill Obioma who disclosed this while speaking at a faith-based organizations on Tuesday, in Abakaliki, added that INEC hopes to introduce this technology before 2019 election.

According to him, ”INEC is strengthening the process of transmitting election results electronically direct from polling booths to INEC headquarters.

”We hope that the latest technological innovation will be perfected and deployed in the 2019 general elections.

”The new strategy will discourage politicians from ballot box snatching, stuffing of ballot boxes and indulgence in other forms of electoral irregularities.

”The commission will do everything to ensure that votes count in 2019 and that those who will emerge will emerge through popular votes.

”We have only one message and the message is that you come out and register and ensure that you collect your PVC to qualify you to exercise your franchise.”


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