4 Benefits of fit ball workout

The fit ball is everywhere. Know the benefits of training with this round ally.

This ball is used by professional sportsmen for different reasons, requested by rehabilitation centers, gymnasiums and even by physiotherapists. If you are looking for a good ally that allows you to train without neglecting your health, you can not do without the fit ball.

The exercises performed with a fit ball removes the joint impact. In fact, training can be pleasurable and relaxing for all types of people, regardless of gender or age.

As a general rule, the most suitable activities for fit ball fits into the category of slow gym, that is, a smooth physical workout that allows you to work the whole body. Either way, a workout with fit ball can be very hard and intense.

Allows you to improve proprioception (perception of your body relative to space), balance and coordination, working not only the muscles but also the joints.

The training with fit ball is characterized by its incidence in the core, precisely the part of the body that encompasses muscles such as the rectus abdominis, oblique, transverse, pelvic floor, buttocks, erector and stabilizers of the column in general terms. It also contributes, among other things, to a correct and healthy posture in your daily life.


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