Johnny Creed: Is the young artiste truly dead

A young artiste whose stage name is Johnny Creed has been reported dead in many online news platforms. Even Juicy Links posted that story initially.

It was repotted that he committed suicide. But the big question is: Why did Johnny Creed take his own life?

It was a fruitless investigation when our correspondent attempted to know the circumstance that led to his death.

Our correspondent had gathered that the singer was 20-year-old and was trying everything possible to promote a single that was available for download via Snapchat.

Before the news of his death was reported on blogs, Johnny Creed wanted his new single to get 10k downloads via Snapchat.

It was said that the singer had archived a number of downloads, a little above 1k before the news of his death took the spotlight.

What’s not clear is how Johnny Creed died.

Our investigations revealed that his death was not reported to the police.

Sources who claim to know him well had no first hand information about what led to his death.

It was speculated that the singer committed suicide when his song failed to hit 10k downloads.

As our investigations continued, some Instagram users who followed the upcoming artiste told us that his death was staged to promote his music.


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