Why I’m still single at 42 -Rita Dominic

In spite of her beauty, Rita Dominic is still single at 42, which has subjected her to ridicule and questioning by the public.

It is so bad for her that if as a journalist you got a chance to interview her, she would never answer questions about her love life.

The beautiful actress, however, gave reasons she is yet to marry in a recent interview with a Nigerian magazine.

According to her, it feels awkward looking at the societal pressure that comes with being single as a lady, but she has tried to ignore such pressure. She added that she would only commit to marriage on her own terms and conditions.

“I will live with the man; so, it is very important that I do it because I want to, not because society wants it for me,” Dominic said.

He further stated, “I believe that God is in control of my life and will present the right man to me at the right time I do date sometimes when someone comes around.

“I love being totally drawn to someone and doing all the loving things couples do, but I am wary of liars and bullies.”


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