Apple could be preparing a 6.3-inch iPhone with the same type of screen as the iPhone X

The OLED screen without frames is one of the biggest attractions of the iPhone X. According to a series of rumors to which Nikkei has had access, Apple intends to endow that appeal to other smartphones in its catalog, and also will do it in a big way : with a diagonal of 6.3 inches.

According to this information, the company is preparing three new smartphones for 2018. What is not clear is whether they are models that inherit the design of the iPhone 8, or the iPhone X. In principle the most attractive (and what would make more sense) is to launch a larger iPhone X taking advantage of its absence of frames (the current model is 5.8 inches), but at the moment you can only speculate about it.

It seems that there is also a third terminal with a 6.1-inch LCD screen and the metal back, which would indicate that Apple will leave a more traditional and affordable model to pass the rest of its range to OLED.


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