Singer Mel B resorts to surgery to remove a tattoo of her ex-husband’s name 

“I wanted to close a toxic stage.”

The singer Mel B resorts to surgery to remove a tattoo of her ex-husband’s name 

The singer, Mel B has gone through the operating room to remove from her skin a tattoo with the name of her ex-husband. It was the same former Spice Girl who explained it to the Daily Mail, where she spoke in an interview about her traumatic divorce from Stephen Belafonte.

The artiste inscribed on her skin the phrase “Stepen, my heart will be yours until death do us part”, but the marriage has ended much sooner than I expected and now the only trace of that purpose is a scar of thirteen stitches.

“The memory of the abuse I have suffered,” assures Mel B in the interview, “will always accompany me, but I wanted to take off my tattoo to close the final chapter of a toxic relationship.”

The singer accused her partner of forcing her to participate in threesome and of blackmailing her with the publication of intimate videos.

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