​Why we attacked Benue communities – Miyetti Allah cattle breeders leader

Miyetti Allah cattle breeders in Benue state have revealed reason for 2018 attack on Benue communities.

Leader of Miyetti Allah cattle breeders Garus Gololo said the killings of innocent Nigerians in Benue, was in retaliation to reported stealing of their cows.

Garus Gololo told the BBC News Pidgin that the herdsmen were defending themselves from thieves who stole over 1000 of their cows
“As we were relocating to Taraba through Nasarawa state, thieves came to steal 1000 cows from us at the border town of Nengere, so we fought them back, Gololo said.

According to him, the herdsmen were only defending themselves from thieves.

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