6 great myths about penises that you should NOT believe

Size matters? If you have big feet, then your member is too? Can you make your penis bigger by taking pills or creams? How many myths have you not heard about this part of the male body? Here 7 of them that you should NOT believe.


“If the penis remains erect after ejaculation, your boy is ready for another round of sex.”

If your erection remains it may be due to the quality of your blood flow, your level of excitement and if you took the famous blue pill. Let your penis recover at least five to 30 minutes before another incredible sex session.


“Ejaculation always comes in large quantities.”

In reality, an average man ejaculates not more than a teaspoon of semen where there are more than 200 million sperm per millimeter.


“The penis grows if a man takes pills or uses penis enlargement cream.”

Medications such as Viagra can increase nitric oxide that improves blood flow, but never increasing the size of the limb.


“If you have a big feet or hands, then your penis is too.”

FALSE. This popular belief has no scientific basis and the size of your extremities does not bear any relation to that of the limb.


“The size of your member varies according to the race.”

FALSE. Although some studies detail that the largest penises are those of African men, there is no relationship with race. For example, the Belgians are the most gifted of the list of men with larger members (according to Target Map).


“The bigger the penis, the more pleasure for the woman”.

Actually, what matters is the thickness of the penis, and contrary to what many think, a large limb can cause pain to the woman at the time of penetration.

The next time someone mentions any of these myths, do not believe them. Now you know!


Author: Deborah Odejide

She is a US-based Nigerian, a physician in the Department of Dermatology at the Sensix College of Medicine in Charleston. She was formerly a zoologist with a special interest in how animals communicate using chemical smells.

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