Wizkid announces his 2018 album is coming

  • Wizkid has announced his new 2018 project
  • Starboy says he is working on a new album
  • He says it will be done in Lagos

Wizkid who held one of the most talked about concert in 2017 has got something cooking for his fans.

The star wowed his fans with an amazing concert at the end of last year, 2017. This year, the singer on Wednesday took to Twitter to announce that he is working on an album.

This will reportedly be his 2018 album.

He said this while replying a question asked by a curious fan about what to expect from him in 2018 and this was his response: “Well, i’m recording a new album in Lagos Nigeria…and ….eeehhh.. we’ll see…

Hope it’s a hit…. Good one from Starboy.

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