​”Allegations on herdsmen is not far from the truth” – Senator Shehu Sani says

Senator Shehu Sani has said the allegation that herdsmen carrying out various attacks in parts of Nigeria is not far from the truth.
Senator Sani said this when he appeared on Channels TV. He called for a decisive action to be taken on the spate of attacks being carried out by the herdsmen.

”There are insinuations that the herdsmen are protected, paid and pampered. These are not very far from the truth because if the way we have dealt with insurgent groups like Boko Haram and the way we are very fierce on other ethnic militia, we would also stand up to these herdsmen, that should be very clear” he said.

He added that the herdsmen attack is not a ethnic crisis as states that are presumed to have Fulanis in them have also been attacked by the herdsmen.

Watch the video below…

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