UNILORIN Bars Females From Using Hair Attachment

The management of the University of Ilorin has banned female students from wearing skimpy dress, skirts above the knee, and tight trousers.

They are also barred from using un-packed hair and hair attachment.

The school revealed this recently in a circular of its yearly dress code notification for male and female students on campus.

“Every student must comply by dressing decently, as the mode of dressing is a reflection of individual character and personality,” the notice partly said.

“Short, Skimpy dress, Skirts above the knee, Tight trousers, See-through material, Un-packed hair, Fittings or Hair attachment”

For male students, the code prohibits “Sagging, Tattered Trousers, Knickers, and” what the notice called “Unacceptable Hair-cut styles.”


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