This led to the death of famous The Teletubbies actor, Simon Shelton

Simon Shelton died, unexpectedly, at 52 years of age. The actor was known for playing Tinky Winky , in the children’s series The Teletubbies . Now, the reason for his death was announced: hypothermia.

The English interpreter suffered a hypothermia

The British actor, who was found dead in the streets of Liverpool, England , on January 17, would have died by the strong cold that is whipping parts of Europe. His lifeless body was found by local police officers.

This led to the death of famous The Teletubbies actor, Simon Shelton

First he fainted and then ended up dying of hypothermia, according to the authorities who are in charge of the case. The police received a call concerning an unconscious body spotted in the street of the English city.

Recall that the British artist was known for his role in our beloved Teletubbie series. One of the most emotional farewell messages was from his colleague who played Dipsy, on the children’s series.

“….rest in peace Simon Shelton aka Tinky Winky. Remembering the many good times,” he said.

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