​Fashion hits and misses at the 2018 Grammys Awards

The 2018 Grammy awards which recently took place in Hollywood witnessed a lot of A-listers flaunt their fashion prowess at the red carpet.
This Grammy award proved to be one with so much spice. From glam to trash, this particular red carpet proved to be much wilder game.

The Grammy Awards 2018 which took place on January 28 witnessed some of the biggest names in music industry taking to the red carpet.

While some completely slayed on the red carpets and shone under the bright lights of the paparazzi, others however stole the limelight for the wrong reasons.

The Grammy awards is meant to celebrate great and that’s exactly what JUICYLINKS is here to do as well. So, we presents to you the fashion yays and nays at the 2018 Grammy awards.


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