​President Buhari has not done enough to stop the killings in Benue – Government

The Benue state government in its reaction to the letter of President Muhammadu Buhari to the Senate that he had done enough to stop the killings in the state, maintained that the President has not done enough to stem the killings.
According to the Special Adviser to the State Governor on Media and Publicity, Tahav Agerzua, “you and I know that the killings are still continue.

“Though the President has drafted the IGP to Benue state to stop the killings, that is certainly not enough. The killings is still going on.

“We cannot say he had done enough because he had notice of these killings a long time ago when these people held a press conference and threatened to invade the state the Governor wrote to him severally.

“Our tribal leaders also raised alarm and made appeals and also wrote an open letter to the President over the matter and before the new year days killings.

“He has not done enough, though the killings have reduced but he has certainly not done enough.”

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