​A video of a child performing oral sex has been sent to the police — Lagos state government

Lagos state’s Domestic and Sexual Violence Response Team, has reacted to the viral video of a girl, about eight year-old giving oral sex to an older male.

The video which went viral last week, shows a man recording the criminal act.

Although the face of the male partner wasn’t revealed, the girl in question had her face fully captured by the camera.

The team on Friday via Twitter says the video has been forwarded to the state police command for investigation and urging members of the public to desist from circulating the video.

It tweeted: “Our attention has been drawn to a video being circulated on SM, showing a little girl performing oral sex on a man. This video has been fowarded to the POLICE. We urge that members of the public desist from randomly circulating this video as this is criminal in nature. Thank you.”

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  • Sick muthafucka. Cut his dick off!

  • Cut his dick off is right sick mf you are going to hell

  • I’m still in shock that poor baby girls
    gonna need a lot of help.

    Her abuser needs to be locked up for life in general population and see how he likes that.

  • This horrible video, showed up on my fb yesterday, i was Mortified. I hope he is put under the jail, or better yet castrated. I also hope that little girl gets the help and support she needs now and in the future.


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