​BBNaija: K.Brule and Khloe almost share a kiss in bed

The Big Brother Naija housemates have started opening up even though they have spent less than a week in the house.
First, Miracle and Nina shared a kiss while they were both dressed in their underwear (see video delow), then Nina apologised to her boyfriend outside the house for her behaviour .

Then Khloe revealed that she is sexually attracted to Lolu. The fact that she has a boyfriend who is a music video director Unlimited L.A did not stop her from declaring her feelings.
She also seems to have moved on to another housemate as she was seen almost kissing K.Brule. Both recently spent a lot of time together and Brule even said he is ready to marry her.

Many are of the opinion that K.Brule only said that because he wanted a kiss from Khloe but judging from the video released, he did not get his wish.

Watch them below:

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