Big Brother Naija: Cee-C Tosses Fellow Housemate Tobi The ‘Player’

Big Brother Naija: Cee-C Tosses Fellow Housemate Tobi The ‘Player’

Lots of crazy things have happened in the Big Brother Naija house this weeek. The latest is a viral video showed how Tobi Bakre was curved by his partner Cee-C when he tried to kiss her.
Tobi who was described as a player by those who know him, have obviously met his match. From what social media is saying, the handsome man is being controlled by his fellow housemate and partner, Cee-C.

Watching the video clip, Tobi could be seen trying to grab something from Cee-C’s hand with his mouth. But when she drew her lips closer to his for a kiss, Tobi’s lips changed direction from her hand to her lips, just when he tried to kiss her, she looked askance at his face while turning away.

Watch video below:

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