Dubai to turn 60% of the waste it produces into electricity

Dubai to turn 60% of the waste it produces into electricity

Dubai will be the next country to invest in technology that turns trash into energy.

Large cities produce large amounts of urban waste and countries like China, Sweden and Norway already turn waste into energy. Dubai is now following the example, investing in its own technology and building the largest such factory in the world.

These factories burn waste and use heat as a way to run a turbine that generates electricity. The plant being built will have 20,000 square meters and capacity to handle five thousand tons of waste and generate 185 MW of electricity. This UAE city produces 8,000 tons of waste per day, so the goal is to turn 1.82 million tons per year, transforming more than 60% of the waste produced in energy, which can supply 120,000 homes.

The plant will be a partnership between the local water and electricity company, the Swiss company Hitachi Zosen and the Belgian Besix Group, and is expected to be operational by 2020.

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