Superhero, mosquito and toilet paper: these are the 150 new emojis

Superhero, mosquito and toilet paper: these are the 150 new emojis

Soon your iPhone, iPad or Android device will receive new emojis, exactly 157 of them. The new catalog will include redheads, superheroes, supervillains, parrots, lab coats and much more. These are all the emojis that your mobile or tablet will receive throughout 2018.

The list has been published by Emojipedia , and includes many emojis that were already available. Among the new ones for the labor field is the lab coat and safety glasses. In addition, new animals also arrive like the raccoon, the swan and the parrot.

The lot also includes new expressions and emotions, such as heat, cold or the desire to cry. In addition, it also includes many more objects such as the teddy bear, a salt shaker, a magnet, a bacterium, an extinguisher, a broom and toilet paper, to use in those times of crisis in the bathroom.

The update to version 11.0 of the Emojis, part of Unicode 11.0, will be available between the months of August and September, so it is most likely that they will arrive with the next version of iOS 12 on the iPhone and iPad, and with the next one Android version.

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