Man creates school under a bridge to teach poor children of New Delhi

Rajesh teaches at a school improvised by him under a bridge

Rajesh Kumar owns a small shop in the city of New Delhi, the capital of India, but decided that he should devote the time he has left to educating the humble children of the metropolis.

Under a subway bridge, Rajesh teaches Hindu and English and has the help of volunteers Laxmi Chandra and Shyam Mehto who teach mathematics. There are 200 children sitting on the floor and looking at an improvised chalkboard on an iron wall.

For most young people, these classes are their only teaching opportunity, but Kumar has already managed to put 60 children in government schools to have a more complete education.

Rajesh has been involved in the project for five years and is constantly seeking help from the authorities to provide clothing and food to children. One of your goals is to build bathrooms on the ground.

The students are divided into two shifts and if they were not studying, they would probably be exploited for child labor.

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