Once again they promise a new Lancia Stratos and this time they will make 25 units

The Lancia Stratos returns again to the ring after a failed attempt to refloat it in 2011. It will no longer use a Ferrari platform and will have an engine of at least 550 HP.

Lancia Stratos

Recall that in 2010 the idea of ​​reviving the legendary Lancia Stratos was very close to becoming a reality , but the car designed by Pininfarina wanted to use the Ferrari F430 Scudería as a technical base and the Maranello’s firm was strongly against the 40 units that were planned be manufactured.

Lancia Stratos

Although initially Ferrari had given the approval but when Pininfarina and his team decided to increase the number of units to 40, the Italian manufacturer backed down and decided not to approve the project .

Now once again the return of Stratos was announced. As we know it, a prototype is ready to be presented at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show. This time, the production will be limited to 25 units, but for the moment they have not communicated what their mechanical base will be .

Lancia Stratos

We understand that with the issue that rocked 2011 the designers will no longer use any Ferrari platform, and while they have not provided precise details, MAT announced that its architecture will serve to give life to three different versions of the Lancia Stratos, a GT, a “Safari” and a sporty apt to be used on a daily basis .

Another impediment will be the name “Lancia” that can not be used , so the car could simply carry the name Stratos. At the moment they have not provided technical information, although the people behind the project say that the car will have a power engine of more than 550 horsepower and suspensions that will allow excellent dynamic behavior on any type of surface.

Lancia Stratos

At the moment we do not know if the car will retain the 2011 design, which was quite true to the original model, or if on the contrary, they will bet on a new format. More details be released at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show.

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