Blame Facebook: Woman arrested for giving chlorine to daughter says she read everything on Facebook

We all remember that moment at the beginning of the year when Mark Zuckerbeg announced that he would take it personally to make Facebook a safer place. But apparently that is not happening, and the case of MMS puts it in evidence.

Woman arrested for giving chlorine to daughter says she read everything on Facebook

It is strange to see a popular Miracle Mineral Solution, also known as Master Mineral Solution, or Miraculous Mineral Solution (MMS) endangering the lives of several people.

The “medicinal” substance promoted as a tonic to cure any disease, from Hepatitis, to AIDS, is a hydrochloric acid. In other words, it is poison. 

The substance almost took the life of a new victim this February 10, 2018, when a woman from Indianapolis, USA, got the recipe to prepare the MMS from a Facebook Group. The group promoted the Miracle Mineral Solution as one for HIV, hepatitis, H1N1 flu, acne, cancer and even Autism, a condition suffered by her youngest daughter.

So the mother took note of the recipe, prepared her homemade version of the MMS, and started giving it to her daughter; poisoning her to the point of almost killing her.

The girl, fortunately, was removed from her mother’s care after surviving the intoxication due to the continuous consumption of hydrochloric acid.

The problem of MMS has been circulating for almost a decade. But the existence of this type of content and its free dissemination on Facebook leaves evidence that Zuckerberg and company still have a lot to do, in terms of making the social media a safer place.

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