A Nokia 8 Pro with advanced camera is placed on the list of 2018 futuribles

A Nokia 8 Pro with advanced camera is placed on the list of 2018 futuribles

Nokia seems to be preparing a whole army of smartphones for this 2018. Nokia and HMD want more, and their future in the short and medium term is full of presentations.

Few days from now, the Mobile World Congress will start in Barcelona and we have already talked about the Nokia 1 with Android Go, Nokia 7 Plus with Android One and Nokia 9. But Nokia Power User source say that a Nokia 8 Pro is in works too. 

Image source: Nokia Power User

Sources close to the Finnish manufacturer say that the last quarter of this year can be watered with the new flagship, one that should become the successor of the current Nokia 8 and will feature the earlier rumored Penta-lens camera module with rotating Zoom camera tech from Carl Zeiss.

The source also said the new flagship would arrive around the months of September-October and would have the latest Qualcomm processor and the Snapdragon 845.
A detailed info on this future Nokia 8 Pro is still unknown, but we will be attentive to everything we hear about it.

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