The Black Panther writer would like a superhero video game

The relationship between video games, comics and movies dates back many years. At some point, the characters were taken to arcades and consoles but, on many occasions, the results left much to be desired. However, the possibility that new games related to comics and film premieres will arrive remains latent and in this case, a Marvel Comics writer expressed his desire regarding Black Panther.

The Black Panther writer would like a superhero video game

After the premiere of the new Marvel film, Black Panther, which has been well received by the public, Evan Narcisse, a Marvel Comics writer  expressed his desire for a video game inspired by the character.

Via in his official Twitter account, Evan Narcisse offered to work on a hypothetical video game and said that if someone is interested in making it happen, they know where to find him.

“Y’all know where to find me when you wanna get cracking on that Black Panther video game…,” he tweeted.

After that tweet, the response was immediate and many agreed with the idea and even suggested the genres in which they would like to see the superhero.

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