The Facebook’s jobs listing feature reaches more than 40 countries

The Facebook’s jobs listing feature reaches more than 40 countries

With brand acquisition, Microsoft successfully broke into the social media business by buying one of the social media heavyweights, LikedIn. Facebook, not wanting to stay out of a lucrative market, created a new feature that lets companies post job vacancies for free.

While LinkedInis is used by highly skilled and educated workers. Facebook is trying to draw in applicants for small  and medium scales enterprises.

The job listing feature began in the United States and Canada last year, but Facebook has announced that it will be available in over 40 countries in the next few weeks, including the UK, Italy, Spain, Argentina and Brazil. 

At this time, we don’t know if this feature will be available in any African country. However, its a good move from Facebook, users in these selected regions who are actively seeking employment will spend more time on the platform, which will translate into more advertising revenue for the company. 

In addition, companies will also be able to advertise their vacancies more quickly and can contact and chat with interested applicants via the platform.

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