A church in the United States holds a ceremony with assault rifles AR-15

Image: AP

In church called Church of Unification and World Peace Sanctuary in Pennsylvania, members were seen dressed in white, drinking holy wine and exchanging or renewing their wedding vows. Everything more or less normal if it were not for the assault rifles that all the faithfuls were holding.

Image: AP

As seen in the photos shared by CBS News, women wore white wedding dresses and men wore dark suits while holding their guns unloaded. Many wore crowns, some made of bullets, while church officials wore white and pink robes. All weapons were checked at the door to make sure they were unloaded, and then secured with a flange, as we see in some photos.

Image: AP

The celebration forced nearby school to canceling classes. In fact, in front of the church’s door were state police smattering of protesters who weren’t pleased with the church.

Image: AP

A church that, contrary to what you may think, has followers around the world, people who think that the AR-15 assault rifle (the same one that a young man used in a school in Florida), symbolizes the “rod of iron” in the biblical book of Revelation, encouraging couples to bring their weapons.

Image: AP

Reverend Sean Moon, who led the ceremony, prayed for “a kingdom of peace police and peace militia where the citizens, through the right given to them by almighty God to keep and bear arms, will be able to protect one another and protect human flourishing.”

Moon is the son of the late Reverend Sun Myung Moon, a self-proclaimed messiah who founded the Unification Church, and which parishioners regard as a cult.

A protester IMAGE: AP

Tim Elder, director of world missions at the Unification Shrine, told the faithfuls that the ceremony should be a blessing for couples, not “inanimate objects,” and that he called the AR-15 a “religious accoutrement.”

Image: AP

By the way, for those who wonder what the AR-15 has to be the self-proclaimed by many as “the weapon of the United States”, those attending the ceremony left some clues. As Mrs. Sreymom Ouk, 41, said at the end of the event, ” my AR-15 is the most useful weapon to defend my family against evil psychopaths. People have the right to bear arms, and in the kingdom of God, you have to protect that . ”



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