More than 320,000 images from 200 countries participated in the 2018 edition of the Sony World Photography Awards. Like every year, only a few – and very talented – photographers make the final list. But if something stands out of this edition is the amount of photos taken with drones.

“There are many more drone images than in previous years,” Judge Zelda Cheatle confirmed to Quartz . “But the same criteria apply to them as to ground-based photographers: the content must have something special, be it composition, impact, skill, portray something spatial or inform in a different way.”

Of course, drones are changing photojournalism and professional photography because they show us pictures from an angle never seen before.

Aerial photography is already common in other competitions , but the Sony World Photography Awards, created by  the World Organization of Photography, is one of the most important of the year for professional photographers and photojournalists.

1. This image is part of “We live in a symmetrical world”, a series of photos taken in Macau and Hong Kong Photo: Varun Thota (Sony World Photography Awards)

2. A serpentine road in the Jingtai Stone Forest, Gansu Province, China
Photo: Li Wang (Sony World Photography Awards)

3. Fog dominates the morning in Zhuzhou, Hunan Province, China
Photo: Ming Luo (Sony World Photography Awards)

4. A surfer looks for the next wave on the Sydney coast, Asutralia
Photo: Pat Kay (Sony World Photography Awards)

6. The boats follow the shape of the coast on one side of the province of Yunnan, in China
Photo: Lin Chen (Sony World Photography Awards)

7. Several fishermen got up early to go fishing in the Baltic Sea near Klaipėda, Lithuania
Photo: Andrius Kundrotas (Sony World Photography Awards)

8. Dozens of models protect themselves from the sun in a parade organized in Guigong, Guangxi Province, China
Photo: Shifang Lin (Sony World Photography Awards)

9. Aerial view of the interior courtyard of an apartment building in China
Photo: Jin Xu (Sony World Photography Awards)

10. Tulou is a typical rammed earth construction in Hakka traditional culture, in Fujian province, China
Photo: Chaoyang Cai (Sony World Photography Awards)

11. High school students conduct their military training at the beginning of the school year in China. Photo: Xiaoxiao Liu (Sony World Photography Awards)

You can see the rest of the photos on the website of the World Organization of Photography.


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