Amazon dismisses a delivery boy for throwing a package on top of a puppy

The Internet has a message for all delivery people: respect pets. On Friday, a video that shows an Amazon dealer scanning a package he had to deliver and then throwing it on top of a puppy went viral. The owners, and the Internet, are not happy.

Roly Andrade, one of the owners of the dog, shared the video to share his outrage, claiming they had a door where the package could have been delivered.

“This guy from Amazon threw a pack on top of my dog and you can see that it was on purpose,” Andrade wrote on his Facebook when he shared the video, which has been viewed more than 66,000 times at the time of publishing this article. “He did not care. Please share this. ”

Apparently the dog, a husbandman of five months, did not suffer any serious injury, although the owners claim that his eye seems to be affected. It is possible that a corner of the box hit him when the dealer threw the box on the fence of the house, the owners commented. The box contained bathing clothes for children and weighed approximately 3 kilos.

On the same day, Amazon fired the delivery man, who was a self-employed worker. The company provided the following statement to the media:

“This does not reflect the high standards we have for our delivery partners, and this individual is no longer delivering Amazon packages,” the company said. “We have contacted the client and offered our deepest apologies and support.”

Brittany Aaron, the other owner of the dog, said that Amazon had told her that she would take care of any medical expenses the dog would need.

“I have an accessible front door,” Aaron said. “I’ve never seen a dealer put a package on the fence. Unfortunately, Amazon hires many random dealers. ”

[ Miami Herald ]

Eyinmisan Ajuwaghan

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