Focused is an extension of Chrome that helps users stay focused on their jobs

Focused is a new Chrome extension that replaces the new tab with a whiteboard with notes, to-do lists, bookmarks and images, everything important to keep the user focused on what they really need to do.

With Focused, you can set goals, track unfinished tasks, track the progress of teamwork, collect and share ideas with others, quickly create small notes and reminders, save links from favorite sites and more.

You can also share the board with others in an easy and fast way, with just one click. Each time they open a new tab, the board will appear. This ensures that they will always consider what they need to do.

Lists, notes and more are presented on cards that can be edited to write or modify the text, change the background color or simply delete them.

The only negative thing is that to use this extension you must connect to your Google account.



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