‘Android Wear changes name to Wear OS’

Android Wear has been the name of the operating system for Android smartwatches for years. But there are rumours that the name Android Wear is going to changed and replaced with Wear OS.
A Reddit user who leaked the new was installing a smartwatch when he spotted a different logo and name for the operating system.

Instead of the name Android Wear, the name Wear OS appeared on the screen. Also the popular Android Wear logo was replaced with another. Instead of the gray / blue watch logo, we now see a ‘W’ made from shapes and colours that we see more often in Google’s logo.

If this happens to be a name change (we don’t know for sure yet) then it should be part of the recent brand changes being made by Google. Recall that weeks back, Google changed the name Android Pay to Google Pay, a name that sounds more attractive. If Android Wear is going to change to Wear OS then that may be the same reason.

Source: AndroidPolice