At age 18, Carolyn Creswell was told that the factory where she worked would be sold. So the young woman gathered all her savings to make a purchase proposal. In 1992, the Melbourne plant accepted a proposal worth $ 1,000. Today, the company is worth the equivalent of 60 million US dollars.

After buying the factory, the young woman convinced a colleague, Manya van Aker, to join the business. The company was renamed Carman’s . Two years later, sales were poor and Manya quit the business.

Carolyn Creswell 

Carolyn persisted and continued. Even after graduating, she shared tasks with part-time jobs, including one as grocery worker. In 1997, one of Australia’s largest supermarket chains started to buy cereals made by Carman’s.

Today, branded products are sold in over 3,000 stores nationwide – and exported to 32 other countries.


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