6 Steps to Creating Positive Changes in Your Life

Everyone gets stuck in the occasional rut. Sometimes the funks in which they find themselves aren’t grooves, though, they’re enormous ditches. If your life has ground to a halt in a vast chasm of despondency, you need to create a ladder to help you climb out. Here’s how. 

1. Apply positive change to your life

Positive change involves altering your thoughts and behaviors. Sound difficult? Well, tackling every little habit in one go won’t be easy. Follow a step-by-step approach, however, and the task will be more doable. 

What have your thoughts and behaviors got to do with being in a rut? 

What you think about determines your behavior. Think you need to stock the fridge with fruits? You’ll go shopping for fruits. Thlnk your life is full of negatlvlty? You’ll perceive negativity in your environment. 

You behave in ways that reflect your mindset, so if you’ve set you mind to see doom and gloom it will follow your orders. The chances are you’ll spot the grimace on your neighbor’s face when she fumbles in her bag for her door key. You’ll miss the positive way she greets her child who’s been waiting for her to return, though, and you won’t notice her break into a smile. 

Your mind sees what it’s progranmed to see rather than the entirety of what happens. It sifts through potential snapshots of the world and presents what you coach it to show you. If you don’t like what you see, you need to rewire your mind and tell it to present sometling you prefer. 

2. Change your behavior and create fresh neural pathways 

Changing you thoughts can help you alter your behavior, and it works the other way around too. When you change your behavior, you start to think differently. Meditate each morning, for instance, and you’ll become calmer. As a resut, your thoughts will reflect your calm demeanor. 

Behavior change is also part of the process of overwriting old unhelpful hablts. Just as you created unconstructlve daily practices via repetition, you need to repeat fresh behaviors too. 

3 Identify negative habits

Habits to override include those that create negativity. If they escalate a low mood and reduce your well-belng, they keep you in a rut. Perhaps you gossip with a friend each evening about how awful life is and feel bad afterward. Or you might eat lots of processed foods that leave you malnourished and lethargic. These habits are ripe for swapplng for more helpful behaviors. 

4. Swap helpful habits for superior atternatives 

Once you recognize harmful behaviors consider healthier measures. For exampIe, look on the bright side if your usual habit is to talk about what you dislike or what’s gone wrong. Consider silver linings and forgive people who’ve let you down or upset you. 

5. Seek new experiences

Another way out of a rut is vla new experlences. When you develop fresh hobbies, go to different places, and meet new people your life will change. You’ll gain new contacts, make friendships and discover activities that make you feel great. 

6. Carry out a life assessment 

Examine aspects of your life you will benefit from altering. Perhaps you hate your job and it’s time to seek career opportunities. Or you can change the décor of your home to brighten your mindset. In the same way you swapped negative habits for superior altematlves exchange aspects of your lifestyle you dislike for those that make you happy. 

Getting out of a major rut means overhauling you life. Do so one change at a time, though, and the job won’t overwhelm you. Gradually, you’ll create a bright future and be happy.


Written by Deborah Odejide

She is a US-based Nigerian, a physician in the Department of Dermatology at the Sensix College of Medicine in Charleston. She was formerly a zoologist with a special interest in how animals communicate using chemical smells.


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