​PDP Reps Uncover Security Forces’ Plots To Invade NASS, Aid Leadership Ouster

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) caucus in the House of Representatives on Monday, said that it has uncovered plots by the nation’s security agencies to again, invade the National Assembly and aid the ouster of the Senate President Bukola Saraki and his Deputy, Ike Ekweremadu, by a few senators.

The lawmakers, who have continued to keep vigil in the NASS complex over this matter, in spite of their ongoing recess, rose from a meeting and issued a statement to this effect, signed by Hon. Chukwuka Onyema, the Deputy Minority Leader.

The PDP lawmakers said that the All Progressives Congress APC-led Federal government, was making unholy maneuvers to forcefully reconvene the National Assembly against all known laws and precedence, to enable them attempt their much desired impeachment of the senate leadership.

“It has our attention that there is an impending plot by a small group of senators aided by security agencies to again invaded the Senate Chamber with a view illegally reconvening the Senate Plenary.

“Ostensibly their purpose is to address what they term as urgent national issues. However, it is clear that their real purpose is an attempt to unlawfully oust the leadership of the Senate and effect a change of the Senate President and the Deputy Senate President”, the Deputy Minority Leader said.

The PDP legislators stressed that this trend of events must be strenuously resisted by all true democrats and well meaning Nigerians.

“We have over time witnessed a descent of our countries once stable democracy slide into an abyss of illiberal dictatorship. A government that has shown disdain for the rule of law, and complete disregard for the principles of separation of powers as enshrine in the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

As elected representatives sworn to uphold the law and protect our democratic existence we unreservedly condemn this onslaught on our democratic ideals in general and parliament particular,” Onyema said.

He disclosed that the procedure for reconvening the the National Assembly was unambiguously stated in the Rules of both Houses of the National Assembly, with these Rules drawing their constitutionality from section 60 of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

“When the National Assembly stands adjourned to a fixed date, it may only be reconvened at an earlier or later date when the Leaders of the political parties in the National Assembly make a written representation to the PRESIDING OFFICERS stating that there is a need to convene plenary to attend to matters of urgent national importance. In such an event, the Presiding Officer MAY give notice to members of a date that the National Assembly is to reconvene.

“In the present instance, there has been no such notification to either the Senate President or the Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Therefore any attempt to operate outside of the rules is illegal. It is symbolic of the hideous excesses of this Governments attempt to wither and destroy the institution of parliament and the bastion of our democracy.”

The lawmakers urged those who are behind the “unholy manoeuvres to desist from these shenanigans and be reminded that we still operate a democracy.”

They called on well meaning people of Nigeria to jealousy guard their hard-earned democracy.


Written by NaijaRoko

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