DSS Siege: National Assembly Clerk unable to enter NASS complex

The clerk of the National Assembly, Mohammed Sani-Omolori, could not enter the assembly Tuesday Morning.

Mr Sani-Omolori retreated at the National Assembly gate after a moment conversation with officials of the State Security Service

It is not clear whether the officers outrightly denied him entrance or he decided to turn back on his own.

Mr Sani-Omolori however told journalists he would not have entered even if he was granted access as many of his staff are stranded outside.

“He’s (DSS officer) telling me they have security issues. I don’t know why this is.

“Even if I enter, how will I work without my staff?” he questioned.

The clerk left in his Peugeot vehicle thereafter.

Officials of the SSS in the early hours of Tuesday blocked the entrance of the National Assembly.

Some lawmakers were later allowed in by the security operative while journalists and other staff were still barred.


Written by NaijaRoko

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