The Ford Focus releases an ‘anti-kamikaze’ system that prevents us from going in the opposite direction

The fourth generation of the Ford Focus has sought to make a difference with a good number of versions and with a remarkable technological arsenal at the service of safety, assistance to driving and connectivity. The latest system to join the range of the new Focus , which has just achieved the five stars Euro NCAP , is the technology ‘anti-kamikazes’ Counter-Direction Alert .

To the already announced system that sends warning of potholes in the road , now adds to the technological offer of the Ford Focus 2018 system is opposite direction warning alert. 

This technology will help drivers avoid one of the worst mistakes that can be made on the road: entering a motorway or highway in the opposite direction .

This mistake at the wheel is one of the most serious road accidents recorded, because it is usually causing frontal crashes.

This is how it works

The Contrary Direction Alert system is based on the existing Traffic Sign Recognition technology in the new Ford Focus. This technology uses the GPS location information provided by the navigation system and a camera located on the windshield, detecting the signals that the vehicle finds in its path.

Now, with this new technology, when the Ford Focus 2018 enters a lane with two forbidden direction signs located on both sides of the road, the driver will be alerted both in the dashboard and in the Head-up display with a Universal Forbidden sign. The visual and sound warning will be accompanied by a message: “check the driving direction”.

Immediately after, the emergency lights will be activated automatically, which will alert the rest of the drivers in this period of time. The technology of Counter Address Alert has been tested on the test track that the brand has in Lommel (Belgium) and, initially, will only be available for sale in Austria, Germany and Switzerland markets.


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